The 2010 Scania G-series cabs offers drivers more spacious accommodation and additional interior storage space, compared with P-series cab variants that continue to be available on the market. The truck is available in the Day Cab and Sleeper configurations, for rigid or prime mover applications, or Highline Cab on special order.

The G-Series is powered by a 13-liter inline 6-cylinder with 360hp, 400hp, 440hp and 480hp depending on the model. Scania’s 13-liter engines have high torque in relation to power, which means better driveability, effortless cruising and greater fuel economy because the engine is not working so hard at a given engine speed.

The Scania 13-liter engine develops so much torque, up to 2,500Nm between 1,000rpm and 1,300rpm for the 480hp version that it is always able to handle big loads or big roads with ease. In 440hp guise, the engine delivers 2,300Nm of torque, and 2,100Nm from 400hp, while even the 360hp version has 1,850Nm on tap. All deliver peak torque between 1,000rpm and 1,300rpm.

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Press release

The G-series range of Scania trucks brings a new level of comfort to drivers engaged in national long-haulage, distribution and virtually all types of construction applications. All models are equipped with a spacious G cab, and each is available as a tractor or rigid.

Scania G-series trucks are available with five cab variants: three sleepers, a day cab and a short cab. They represent a step up from the P-series, in terms of interior space and engine compatibility. This means not only added storage room and more comfortable accommodation. It also allows drivers to choose an inline engine of up to 480 hp – more than enough strength for the majority of on- and off-road duties.

The many combinations of chassis, engine and cab offer further choices, from gearbox options and frame strength to chassis height and suspension systems. Whichever components you choose, you can always expect powerful, economical performance.

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