The LPK model is part of Tata’s Construck range of trucks so the vehicle was especially built for construction sites and different harsh working conditions.

The LPK isn’t at the same level with the European and Japanese trucks when it comes to build quality and reliability, but it comes with a fairly cheap price tag.

Thanks to its versatile platform, it can be used for a wide range of applications and it’s offered with GVWs (gross vehicle weight) ranging from 16200 kg to 25000 kg. With a wheelbase of 3880 mm and an overall length of 6830 mm, the Tata LPK is a pretty big medium duty truck and it’s usually used for light mining, construction and road work.

Under the cab, the Tata LPK can be equipped with two Cummins engines which develop 183 hp and 235 hp.

  • 2004 Tata LPK
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    235 @ 2500
  • Torque @ RPM:
    600 @ 1500
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    56 mph
  • Price:


2004 Tata LPK Exterior
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The Tata LPK is a pretty old truck and the exterior designed has started to show its age. As most trucks in Tata’s lineup, the LPK has also received a cab over engine configuration which is better suited for tight construction sites and also for the city driving.

The front fascia features a massive windscreen combined with an oversized grille that has a black paint finish. The grille bares the company logo in its center and thanks to its rugged design it underlines the utilitarian character of the truck.

On each side of the grille, there are big rectangular headlights, while the turning signals are mounted at the bottom of the windscreen. Thanks to their high position the turning signals are easier to be seen by the other vehicles from the street, thus enhancing the safety.

To be able to deal better with off road terrains, the truck received a very high ground clearance and massive wheels. There is a choice of body size, type as well as wheel base for different applications.


2004 Tata LPK Exterior
- image 457622

Due to the high ground clearance climbing inside could prove to be a small adventure and the foot steps are also a bit uncomfortable to use.

Luckily the cab offers a fair amount of space and you won’t complain about the head and leg-room.

The interior design however, is pretty spartan and everything looks ancient. The build quality is also cheap and everything inside rattles due to the poor fittings.

The good part is that despite the dated design, everything is placed within easy reach and most of the controls have an intuitive layout. The instrument cluster is one of the oldest units you’ll ever found in a contemporary truck, but at least it can be read without problems.

The steering wheel offers a good grab and can be also adjusted for height thus adding a bit of common sense comfort in an otherwise very rudimentary cabin.

As you sit high from the ground you get a commanding view of the road. The road visibility is pretty good, but the side visibility could’ve been better, as the lateral windows are split in two sections and limit the field of view.

The seats are anything but comfortable and they also come with pretty limited adjustments making it hard to find a proper driving position.

At least, the storage department is well represented and you’ll find plenty of useful places to store your things.


2004 Tata LPK Exterior
- image 457623

Depending on the model, the Tata LPK is offered with two engine options. Both engines are coming from Cummins and develop 183 hp @2250 rpm and 235 hp @ 2500 rpm with 630 Nm @ 1400 rpm and 814 Nm @ 1500 rpm of torque, respectively. The engines are combined with a 380 mm clutch which ensures that all power generated in the engine is transmitted properly to the drive line.

The engines offer enough power to keep the truck lively even when it’s fully loaded, but they aren’t as efficient as other units in the segment.

Both engines are bolted on the G750 twin syncro gearbox with optimized gear ratios for heavy duty applications. Unfortunately, the transmission spoils all the fun as its offers a rubbery feel and it’s also far from being smooth.
Tata LPK Engines Specifications

Engine hp@rpm Nm@rpm
Cummins 183 @2250 630 @ 1400
Cummins 235 hp @ 2500 814@ 1500

Ride and handling

2004 Tata LPK Exterior
- image 457624

The truck rides on semi elliptical leaf springs at front and inverted bogie suspensions at rear with antiroll bars are offered only for the front axle. The suspension is pretty hard, but it’s still able to soak the smaller potholes without too much drama. Though, as we are talking about a construction truck, don’t expect get a comfortable ride especially when the vehicle is unladen.

The steering however will give you a proper road feedback and it’s well weighted hence inspiring a fair amount of confidence.

The Tata LPK isn’t as agile as other trucks in its segment, but you won’t have major complains about the city driving, as it comes with a minimum turning radius of 7.2 meters which is satisfactory give it’s heft and size.


2004 Tata LPK Exterior
- image 457629

The Tata LPK it’ an old truck which should be replaced by the Indian manufacturer as it’s far behind today’s standards.

The build quality and interior comfort are both part of the third class and for a 21 century truck, the LPK’s cabin is highly dated.

The engines offer sufficient power and torque to permit you to deal well with big payloads, but needed a better fuel consumption and more refinement, while the gearbox could’ve been better as well.

The ride and handling are average and don’t have anything to stand out from the crowd, but we especially like the responsive power steering. The best part of the Tata LPK remains its price, which starts from $35.000. The spare parts are also cheap but you should expect to a poor quality.

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