At this year’s Indian Auto Expo, Tata has revealed its totally fresh LPT 3723 medium duty truck. The truck was presented together with the new Ultra model and features a host of high end technologies which make it stand out from the crowd. The most striking feature offered by the new LPT 3723 is its five axle configuration which is seen for the first time in an Indian rigid truck.

The truck was developed for different medium duty applications such as cement and steel movement and has a maximum payload of up to 25 tonnes with a GVW (gross vehicle weight) of 37 Tonnes. For the moment, Tata didn’t reveal any price specification for its new LPT 3723, but we can expect to a pretty competitive pricing.

The Tata LPT 2723 is powered by a 5.9 l Cummins 6BT engine and will be launched on the market later this year or at the beginning of 2013.

  • 2013 Tata LPT 3723
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    207 @ 2500
  • Torque @ RPM:
    520 @ 1600
  • Energy:


2013 Tata LPT 3723 Exterior
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While Tata’s trucks were among the most dated models form the streets (especially the LPT Series), the new LPT 3723 is a big game changer for the Indian manufacturer.

Its design is at par with what you’ll usually find in this segment with a modern style combined with a cab over engine configuration to minimize the exterior dimensions and maximize the interior. The truck has also a big ground clearance and an imposing stance that demands respect.

Tata’s engineers managed to come with a perfect mix between style and functionality and judging by its home market standards, the LPT has anything it needs to be considered a modern locking truck.

At the front, we’ll find a pretty simple honeycomb grille with the company logo mounted on top. The grille is flanked by two side deflectors which further enhance the modern look of the truck, but also help to reduce wind noise at high speeds.

The headlights are placed lower and feature an interesting design betraying the utilitarian nature of the vehicle. The LPT 3723 is also equipped with two circular fog lamps which are placed below the main headlights.

The truck features a sporty cut-down side glass near the mirrors which looks pretty good and also improves the lateral visibility.


2013 Tata LPT 3723 Exterior
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The Truck features a pretty nice interior design, but we’ll have to admit that it’s still far behind its European counterparts.

The dashboard has a robust design which is pretty functional as it’s fitted with a bunch of useful storage places and every control can be reached without too much drama. The materials however, are still part of the third class, but at least they look durable and won’t break down after a few hundred miles. The build quality isn’t something to rave about yet it’s slightly better than what you’ll find at the Chinese trucks and it’s a big iomprovemn4t compared to the actual models from Tata’s lineup.

Keeping it up with today’s requirements, Tata’s engineers paid more attention to driver’s comfort and it shows. The seats are pretty comfortable and thanks to their multiway adjustments it will be fairly easy to find your favorite driving position. Continuing the good ergonomy offered by the seats, the 470 mm diameter soft touch steering wheel has also a smart design and can be adjusted for both reach and rake, so you won’t have any complain at this chapter either.

Tata’s trucks never had problems regarding the straight road visibility and the new LPT 3723 makes no exception. The generous windscreen gives you a panoramic view of the road, while the lateral windows and the gargantuan mirrors also serve you well in any situation.

The Tata LPT 3723 cabin is fitted with a bunch of modern features to improve the interior comfort. The most significant are a HVAC system, music system, mobile charger, dashboard with provision for a Telematics unit and a fully electronic instrument cluster.

Engines and technology

Under the cab of the Tata LPT 3723 there is a Cummins 6BT 5.9L engine which develops 207 hp at 2500 rpm with a peak torque of 705 Nm @ 1,600 rpm. The Cummins engines have usually a good reputation so we can expect to proper performances from the LPT 3723. The 5.9 litre engine is mated on a 9 speed gearbox.

The truck has superior handling abilities as it’s fitted with twin steerable front axles, a twin-drive axle and a tag-lift axle, being the only truck to have such a technology. These features will also help to reduces tyre wear and fuel costs. Moreover the new LPT 3723 should also be pretty easy to drive around town as it has a turning circle diameter of only 21.9 meters being more maneuverable than a conventional tractor-trailer.

Tata LPT 3723 Engines Specification

Engine hp@rpm Nm@rpm
Cummins 207@2500 705@1600


2013 Tata LPT 3723 Exterior
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The Tata LPT 3723 has anything it needs to stack up against today’s medium duty trucks with dignity. While its build quality and the overall refinement is still pretty rudimentary we’ll have to appreciate the fresh design and the long list of technologies fitted under its robust sheet metal.

This is a quantum leap forward for the Tata brand and is being used by them to illustrate their determination to keep up with the forefront of development in vehicle technology.

The Cummins engine is also a welcomed addition, as it will increase the truck’s reliability and will also offer strong towing abilities.

The Tata LPT 3723 truck can carry 4 tonnes more than the existing 31 tonne MAV segment. As a result, it reduces cost per Tonne-Km of transportation and will translate into better returns for transporters.

If the LPT 3723 is priced wisely, Tata could have another winner in its hands.

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  (1) posted on 10.24.2014

To the author . The turning radius mentioned is totally wrong.It might be some where between 10 to 12 mts.

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