The T 810 is a cab over engine medium duty truck with a highly versatile character. Thanks to its wide range of versions, the Tatra T810 can be used for various applications and makes duties even in war zones as a military vehicle. Tatra designers combined a ladder frame with rigid portal axles to offer the truck a very high ground clearance which gives it capable off road abilities.

The vehicle is offered with two wheelbase lengths and a three-point superstructure mounting system which is combined with gross vehicle weights of up to 27.5 tonnes. Thanks to its versatile nature and the generous payload capacity, the Tatra T 810 also offers the possibility to be equipped with special superstructures or various bodies.

  • 2008 Tatra T 810
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    270 @ 2300
  • Torque @ RPM:
    738 @ 1200
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    65 mph


2008 Tatra T 810 Exterior
- image 457828

The Tatra T 810 truck features a pretty modern design which offers a good mix between functionality and style. The truck gets a huge panoramic windscreen to offer a proper road visibility and two dynamic side air deflectors which improve the truck’s stability at high speeds. The truck also received big lateral windows with a sloped baseline to improve the side visibility.

The chunky radiator grille looks pretty nice as well and bares with dignity Tatra’s badge in its center. The front bumper is also part of the heavy duty class and it is fitted with two rectangular air intakes which are protected by thin metallic bars.

Depending on the type of operation, the vehicle can be fitted with 365/80 R20” or 385/65 R22.5” tires and both of them offer a good grip and enhance the off road abilities of the truck.

The longitudinal members of the vehicle ladder frame feature multiple holes to allow for the variable location of accessories such as the fuel tank, battery box, tool boxes, AdBlue tanks and other components.

The frame has welded cross members allowing for superstructure installation using a so-called three-point mounting system to maintain off-road vehicle characteristics without damaging the superstructure.

There are two wheelbase options available namely 3,150 mm or 3,540 mm and the vehicle also offers the possibility to mount up to three different PTO (power take off) systems.


2008 Tatra T 810 Exterior
- image 457829

Because the truck’s ground clearance is higher than usual, access inside will give you some headaches. Once inside however, you’ll find a fair amount of space and a convenient wraparound dashboard. The materials are part of the third class, but they seem lasting and we also like the overall build quality which looks ready to go head to head with the harshest working conditions without baking down.

The dashboard is pretty ergonomically designed and the center console has an intuitive layout with most of the controls placed within easy reach.

We also like the four spoke steering wheel which was borrowed from DAF. To increase the interior comfort the steering wheel comes with both tilt and telescoping adjustments permitting you to quickly find a good driving position.

The instrument cluster has a functional design and its big screen won’t catch any disturbing light reflections, hence it can be read without problems.

The seats however, could’ve been more comfortable as they lack the excellent support found at other vehicles in the segment. The good part is that they have a pretty wide range of adjustments enabling you to find your favorite driving position in no time.

The truck has a huge ground clearance which can’t be seen at many vehicles in this class. Besides the high ground clearance, the seats are also place pretty high and you have a commanding view of the road which offers an outstanding road visibility.

Storage won’t be a problem either, as you’ll find plenty of cubby holes cup holders and consoles to keep different things.

Engines and performance

2008 Tatra T 810 Exterior
- image 457831

Under the cab, the Tatra T 810 is equipped with a six-cylinder, inline, liquid-cooled engine which develops a maximum output of 270 hp @ 2300 rpm. The turbocharged engine features common rail injection and uses SCR (Selective catalytic reduction) technology to meet the latest Euro 5 emission norms.

Thanks to its generous torque of 1000 Nm which is achieved from as low as 1200 rom and is maintained up to 1700 rpm, the engine can deal effortless with uphill sections even when it’s fully loaded. The Tatra T 810 has a maximum speed of up to 106 km/h without a limiter and 85 km/h with a limiter.
The engine is mounted on a six-speed manual mechanical transmission (ZF 6S 1000 T0) which is controlled by means of bowden cables with compressed air booster. You won’t have any complains about the transmission as it offers a proper response and it’s perfectly suited for the utilitarian character of the truck.

Tatra T 811 engines specifications

Engine hp@rpm Nm@rpm
Inline 6 cilyder 270 @ 2300 1200@1000-1700

Ride and handling

2008 Tatra T 810 Exterior
- image 457832

The truck was engineered from the ground up to offer an excellent maneuverability in tight working conditions and it shows. Apart from its compact dimensions it also offers a tight turning circle and very flexible axles which make it one of the most agile vehicles in its class.

The front rigid portal axle is equipped with an electropneumatically controlled axle differential lock and WABCO disc brakes. The axle is suspended by coil springs with telescopic shock absorbers, hydraulic stop, and a torsion stabilizer to improve the steering abilities.

The central and rear portal axles form a tandem pair and are equipped with electropneumatically controlled axle differential locks and WABCO disc brakes. The tandem pair is guided by six longitudinal guide rods anchored to the vehicle frame and suspended by a pair of sixteen-leaf springs.

Thanks to the ladder frame design and the rigid portal axles which feature a heavy duty suspension and solid axle attachment, the vehicle also offers surprisingly off road abilities.


2008 Tatra T 810 Exterior
- image 457833

We’re big fans of the heavy duty off road vehicles as they have an unstoppable determination to get the job done regardless of the terrain conditions. Tatra however, managed to impress many truckers with its medium duty T 810 which is able to conquer any terrain without too much fuss.

Moreover the tremendous amount of torque offered from only 1200 rpm will keep you out of trouble regardless of what weight you’ll put at the back. The handling abilities make this truck surprisingly agile both in the city and also off-road where it feels like a fish in the water.

On the other hand, the cabin needed more attention as the seats could’ve come with better comfort while a longer list of equipments would also be advised. Not to mention about the engines which despite the fact that they are fairly strong they still aren’t as refined or efficient as other units in their class.

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