The Volvo FE is ideal for regional transportation, refuse handling, light construction duties and refrigerated haulage. The ergonomically designed driver’s compartment and the low entry make life easier for you if you often have to get in and out of the truck during your daily shift. It is offered in four versions: FE 4x2 tractor, FE 4x2 rigid, FE 6x2 rigid, FE 6x4 rigid.

The FE is offered with a 7-liter engine with an output of 240, 260, 300 or 340 hp. The Volvo D7F responds instantly to the throttle, you quickly reach cruising speed and can pull powerfully in high gears even on steep inclines. There is high torque from low revs, delivering as much as 1300 Nm across a wide rev range. The engine can be mated to either a manual gearbox with 6 forward ratios or 9 forward ratios or an auto matic transmission with 6 forward ratios.

The Volvo FE offers high-class comfort, with comfortable seats and plenty of interior space. You can choose between three cabs depending on your transport assignments and needs: the day cab is intended for short distances and offers maximum space for the load platform. The comfort cab is a comfortable alternative for somewhat longer transport operations. The sleeper cab is the ideal choice if you want plenty of space on board and also require overnight accommodation in the truck.

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Now all Volvo Trucks models for regional and city distribution can be specified with automated transmission. The most recent addition is the Volvo FE which in distribution configuration is now available with Volvo I-Sync. This is part of the company’s drive to strengthen its position in the segment.

I-Sync is a manual gearbox that has been supplemented with software for automatic handling of gearchanges. Just like I-Shift, I-Sync combines the manual gearbox’s operating reliability and low weight with the automatic transmission’s driving comfort. However, while I-Shift has been developed for heavy transport operations, I-Sync was tailored for local distribution applications. It was launched in the Volvo FL in spring 2008 and has become a major sales success.

"So far, more than one-third of all FL trucks have been delivered with I-Sync. Distribution operations involve a fast pace and repeated stops and starts, and many customers want an automated transmission that offers convenient progress combined with lower fuel consumption. Now we are strengthening our offer by also introducing I-Sync on the larger FE model," says Anders Bellini, Business Area Manager for the Volvo FL and FE at Volvo Trucks.

Optimised for distribution

Volvo FE Exterior
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In the Volvo FE, I-Sync is combined with Volvo’s 260 hp 7-litre engine. "This is an optimal combination for local distribution and shorter regional distribution duties. You get alert response from the engine along with smooth and convenient gearchanging even in frequent stop-start conditions such as close-quarter manoeuvring," says Clara Werner Floberg, Product Manager for the Volvo FL and FE at Volvo Trucks.

Since gearchanging is optimised, I-Sync also contributes to good fuel economy and thus also low carbon dioxide emissions.

As before, the Volvo I-Shift automated transmission is available on the larger trucks in the Volvo range, the FH16, FH and FM.

Facts, Volvo I-Sync for the Volvo FE


Volvo FE Interior
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  • Automated transmission with 6 forward speeds.
  • Available on the Volvo FE in distribution configuration 4x2 rigids for gross vehicle weights of 18 tonnes.
  • Tailored for Volvo’s D7 engine producing 260 hp in Euro 5 configuration.
  • Maximum torque 1010 Nm
  • Oil-change interval every 300,000 km.
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