The Volvo FH is the perfect choice for transporting heavy goods over long distances. It is offered with a choice of four engines, four comfortable cabs (Day cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL) and a wide range of chassis options - all made for long and economical transports.

The FH is offered with an improved D13C engine that now has an additional 20 HP and 100 Nm more torque and improved fuel consumption. The D13C is available with power outputs of 420, 460, 500 and 540 hp for Euro 5. In addition, the engine is also available in an EEV (Enhanced Environmental friendly Vehicles) version producing 420, 460 and 500 hp, with even lower emissions of smoke and particulates.

The D13C engine can be mated to a new I-Shift gearbox that has a a 12-speed electronically controlled splitter/range gearbox designed for automated gear-changing. With I-Shift, the driver can focus on driving and on the surrounding traffic. However, it is still possible to change gears manually. Simply pull the gear lever to the manual setting and then change up or down using the button on the side of the gear knob. The truck has no clutch pedal and gear engagement and disengagement are entirely automatic.

The FH will be offered in four cab versions: Day cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab and Globetrotter XL cab. On the interior all the controls are positioned within convenient reach on the gently curved instrument panel. In the center is a new combined instrument featuring an AdBlue gauge and a large, clear black and white driver information display.

Interior, brief facts


  • Ergonomically designed driver’s seat available with air suspension
  • Dampened interior lighting with several light sources
  • Red night-light does not interfere with vision in the dark
  • Fan ventilation, ACC or ECC
  • Windscreen wipers are available with a rain sensor
  • Global Audio System in three powerful variants
  • Exceptional storage capacity: 459 litres in the Globetrotter XL
  • Pull-out drawers, 60 and 40 litres, under the bed
  • Bed with broad mid-section and adjustable backrest
  • Relax swivelling passenger seat as an option
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