One of the toughest trucks built by Western Star is the 6900 model which can haul loads of up to 500.000 pounds. Designed as a severe duty vehicle the Western Star 6900 has a strong build quality and an imposing character.

The truck is also highly versatile and comes with a wide range of options which permit you to customize it according to specific needs. Thanks to its flexible character the Western Star 6900 is also available with twin steer configuration and can be use for long haul, construction, mining, logging, oil or gas and towing or recovery applications.

To be able to get its heavy duty tasks without thinking twice the 6900 is offered with a choice of Detroit diesel engines which can develop up to 600 hp and 2050 lb ft of torque.

  • 2008 Western Star 6900
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    600 @ 1800
  • Torque @ RPM:
    2050 @ 1100
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    76 mph


2008 Western Star 6900 Exterior
- image 448924

When you deal with heavy loads and rugged working conditions the trucker’s safety needs more attention than ever. Luckily, Western Star equipped its 6900 model with a severe duty galvanized steel cab with bonded windshield, which is more resistant than the lightweight aluminum cabs.

However, even if we are talking about the severe duty league the weight still plays a major role for the truck’s payload capacity; hence the hood is made of lightweight fiberglass with full length butterfly openings.

At the front, the bumper is fitted with a heavy duty tow pin which can withstand 65k lbs of line pull from a 45 degree angle. The centralized pin also equalizes pulling force between the frame rails offering a better stability.

The fuel tanks are placed under the doors and feature j-brackets, being held onto the bracket with steel straps that have ribbed isolators which increases the grip on the tank to prevent tank roll.


2008 Western Star 6900 Interior
- image 448929

The Western Star 6900 features the largest door openings in the industry, hence you’ll have easy access inside and out of the cabin.

The dashboard design looks similar with all the other trucks built by the company, with a big dash slightly angled towards the driver and a two spoke steering wheel.

The materials aren’t different than what you’ll usually get in this segment and seem durable and long lasting with a good overall build quality and first class fittings.

The instrument cluster hosts a bunch of useful gauges with convex screens for better visibility, while the marine grade rocker switches are waterproof and can be easy used even with gloves on.

The seats are among the most comfortable units in the business and come fitted with armrests. They also have wide rage of adjustments available which permit you to find a comfortable driving position.

Talking about driving position, you sit higher than usual and thanks to the generous windshield you are treated with a commanding view of the road. The Western Star’s cab also offers more than six-and-one-half-feet of width at the shoulders, providing ample room between the seats for body builder controls.

Needless to say that you have plenty of storage places spread across the cabin including door pockets, cup holders and other useful consoles.

Engines and transmissions

2008 Western Star 6900 Exterior
- image 448926

The Western Star 6900 is available with three Detroit diesel engines including the Tier III, DD15 and DD16 units. The engines can be mated on Eaton Fuller or Allison automatic transmissions which cope well with the utilitarian character of the truck.

The Series 60 Tier III engine was especially designed for the toughest off road jobs and is available only for vocational trucks that remain off-road in applications such as mining, oil and gas support, steel and paper mills, quarries and landfills. The engine comes without and EGR and is equipped only with a single-stage turbo.

The Detroit Diesel DD15 features a powerful Jake Brake, an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system and Detroit Diesel’s BlueTec Emissions Technology. The DD16 is the strongest engine in the 6900 lineup and can develop up to 600 hp and 2050 lb ft of torque, being able to tackle the heaviest jobs you can throw at it.

Western Star 6900 Engines specifications

Engine hp@rpm lb-ft@rpm
DD15 455 @ 1800 1550 @ 1100
DD15 455 @ 1800 1650 @ 1100
DD15 475 @ 1800 1650 @ 1100
DD15 505 @ 1800 1650 @ 1100
DD15 475 @ 1800 1850 @ 1100
DD15 500 @ 1800 1850 @ 1100
DD15 530 @ 1800 1850 @ 1100
DD15 560 @ 1800 1850 @ 1100
DD16 475 @ 1800 1750 @ 1100
DD16 500 @ 1800 1750 @ 1100
DD16 535 @ 1800 1750 @ 1100
DD16 500 @ 1800 1850 @ 1100
DD16 550 @ 1800 1850 @ 1100
DD16 600 @ 1800 1850 @ 1100
DD16 600 @ 1800 1967 @ 1100
DD16 500 @ 1800 2050 @ 1100
DD16 550 @ 1800 2050 @ 1100
DD16 600 @ 1800 2050 @ 1100

Ride and suspensions

2008 Western Star 6900 Exterior
- image 448925

The truck is available with 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x8 and 10x6 axle configurations with either single or double steer. The 110,000lb capacity heavy duty drive axles feature fully floating axle shafts and outboard planetary reduction gearing.

The front suspension uses a low maintenance flat leaf slippered spring with a capacity of 36,000 lbs, while the tandem rear axles receive a Chalmers 800 series suspension which provides maximum articulation and can deal with up to 100,000 lbs of weight. To reduce the body roll on uneven terrains the outboard cab mounts are placed as wide as possible to maximize lateral stability.

The truck is equipped with standard power steering which despite the huge dimensions of the wheels, can deal pretty well with the utilitarian nature of the truck and with the most demanding off road conditions.


2008 Western Star 6900 Exterior
- image 448932

Western Star is still saddled with an older design than its competitors, and in some areas that dated base shows through. The cabin however, is fairly comfortable and you won’t find any fig faults in the ergonomy department either.

The styling is what it is, and in this segment is the last detail on the buyer’s check list. But Western Star is sticking to its core values and the truck is solidly built, versatile and reliable to the core. It’s also available with strong engines and solid suspensions which are combined with generous payload capacities to give the truck a heavy duty character that makes it ready to go head to head with the toughest working conditions without backing down.

Western Star 6900 Applications

2008 Western Star 6900 Exterior
- image 448919
Western Star 6900 Dump
2008 Western Star 6900 Exterior
- image 448923
Western Star 6900 Utility
2008 Western Star 6900 Exterior
- image 448927
Western Star 6900 Twin Steer
2008 Western Star 6900 Exterior
- image 448937
Western Star 6900 Crane
2008 Western Star 6900 Exterior
- image 448938
Western Star 6900 Flat Bed
2008 Western Star 6900 Exterior
- image 448939
Western Star 6900 Heavy Hauler
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